Activities & results

In general, the WISE project will develop an innovative and collaborative EU wide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme on skills development, entrepreneurial education and finalization of business ideas empowering adult educators through capacity-building activities aimed to equip them with better tools to address diversity in their sessions and to empower women in particular from migrant background and work in multicultural settings.

Each phase of the project (preparation, implementation, dissemination and follow up) will be managed effectively in order to meet the stated objectives and expected results. During project lifetime and after its completion, the partnership will ensure the following results

1) Stronger social and entrepreneurial capacities of migrant women through the development and exploitation of their existing knowledge and skills, e.g. due to their cultural diversity, that provide possibilities for income-generating activities.

3) Enhanced and strengthened competencies and knowledge of adult educators and business coaches related to entrepreneurship training can help to empower women, especially those with migrant backgrounds who face additional discrimination and challenges in their access to education and the labour market. 

5) Improved intercultural understanding through promotion of mutual learning between the culture of migrant women and the ones of the local communities.  

2) Developed innovative and highly qualitative set of CPD training for adult educators on skills development, entrepreneurial education and finalization of innovative business ideas.

4) Fostered inclusion of women from all ethnic, faith and social backgrounds; 

6) Increased capacity through learning mobilities, good practice exchange among existing women Social entrepreneurs and participating organisations at local, national and EU level with related training on how to strengthen positive relationships among existing Social Enterprises.

The results created will be monitored and will be easily to be adopted also after the duration of the project. In this way Adult Educators and business coaches with stakeholders, in particular other training centres staff, and policy makers will be actively involved in the project. Moreover, the piloting phase and the monitoring and the evaluation programme that will be developed during the project will determine the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the results among at least 182 Women aspiring to become Social Entrepreneurs, 60 Women with social entrepreneurial experience, 30 Adult Educators. 


Contemporary Comparative Study on Social Enterprises in EU Economies and the role of Women within these Social Enterprises 


European Training Module: What are social enterprises and why do they enable women to develop their own labour market opportunities

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