Women Inclusion through Social Enterprise

Women of marginalized groups aspiring to become social entrepreneurs 

The project will use different approaches for these target group: working in peers, accessing mentoring leadership opportunities, increasing knowledge on the subject & methodology through participation in intellectual outputs development, focus groups & piloting activities, gaining skills in entrepreneurship activities, increasing self-confidence, increasing digital skills & digital awareness.

Women business leaders from Social Enterprise 

Their collaboration in the project will improve their relations with other female entrepreneur around the EU, gaining new resources and strengthening engagement with local businesses & organizations that stimulate development, and also achieving more visibility for their own business. They will increase their active participation and a positive engagement within their communities.

Adult Educators

This target group will boost their job satisfaction due to an increased dialogue & collaboration with peers, and further intrinsic motivation to experiment & widen interests as a practitioner. They will also improve their skills in the field of developing trainings and activities for learning entrepreneurs.

Participating organisations 

Stronger collaboration at EU level, improved quality of EU project for the preparation, implementation phase; 

Training centres

Stronger opportunity to insert programme on critical thinking in other schools, developing collaboration, open dialogue & engagement.

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