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Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd (MEH) is an established voluntary and community sector organisation working in the field of social inclusion on Merseyside and is a key stakeholder and influential support body. MEH focus on Social Inclusion through partnership to deliver projects supporting dis- advantaged individuals into employment, training and self-employment and social enterprise development through a wide range of informal learning methodologies, we deliver services to and support a range of excluded groups. MEH has established links with associates, public sector organisations and decision makers working within youth and adult education supporting a number of regional initiatives to support excluded individuals into learning and the labour market. At EU and local level, MEH has a wealth of experience in supporting individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate fully in society through learning. MEH has developed strong EU partnerships and have experience of developing and adapting innovative learning programmes and associated materials.



GRDR Migration-Citoyenneté - Développement is an international NGO that has been working since 1969 to promote the local development of territories while accompanying migrants in their host territory and in their projects for their region of origin. The Grdr bases its action on three pillars: proximity at the local level, the valorisation of interdependencies on a transnational or international scale, the production of knowledge on and for the territories. The Grdr has been working for 50 years in the service of local development in connection with migration between France (particularly in 3 regions of immigration where the Grdr has set up branches: Île-de-France, Haut-de-France and Upper Normandy) and West Africa where it is present in 4 West African countries (Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Guinea Bissau). The Grdr's action is structured around two main axes: human mobility and citizen governance of the territories. The France/ Europe team works to promote the integration and social inclusion of immigrants from developing countries. In France, Grdr collaborates with organizations of development education, popular education, in the artistic field, to promote openness to the other and the world for young people, to change attitudes toward migration, and to fight against stereotypes and discriminations.



Magenta Consultancy is an educational and European projects' consultancy set in 2003 and specialized in the promotion of gender equality and social development at regional, national and European level. The target group is represent by all generations. Magenta works in the field of school, youth, VET, high and adult education not only directly with learners, but also with professionals. Annual they work with approximately 500 learners/users and collaborate with 50 NGOs and 56 City Councils from Asturias. At an international level, Magenta hosts around 300 European learning mobilities thanks to the cooperation with their net of partner organisations around Europe which is integrated by more than 200 institutions.  



The Trebnje Center for Education and Culture is a public organization, established by the Trebnje municipality to promote and develop adult education. Organization has two units: Gallery of Naïve Artists and Adult education center. CIK Trebnje is also the lead partner of Local Action Group Suhe krajine, Temenice in Krke (LAG STIK). LAG STIK is a regional association of representatives of public institutions (public sector), economy (economic sector) and civil society (private sector). LAG prepared and adopted its own development strategy for the period 2018-2023. The key guidance at execution of development strategy is the common development vision of the area which arises from characteristics and needs, as well as opportunities of the area. LAG and The Development Strategy are the mainstay of the implementation of the LEADER-CLLD approach. Their responsibilities include the development of local strategies, supporting stakeholder networking and the appraisal and approval of individual LEADER projects. The task of the LAG is to provide the execution of its local development strategy and to adopt management decision of funds from the EAFRD and ERDF programme.



ANUP-INTERNATIONAL (Association of Romanian Popular Universities-International) is a NGO created in 2006 as an organisation specialised in European projects under Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates , LL-Programs, Justice, Erasmus+ dealing with adult education. It derives from ANUP as a result of development and expertise in the field of European adult education. It works mainly with the largest structured network of adult education centres in Romania-ANUP-, both in urban and rural areas, which provide training and retraining courses for adults in order to enable them to adapt to the changing needs of the Romanian society. ANUP-INTERNATIONAL maintains strong links to other networks and organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, working in the field of permanent education, such as: professional organisations, enterprises, working agencies at national and local level, in order to facilitate the integration of the adults on the labour market, including our National Agency for Community Programs on Vocational Training and Adult Education which organises monthly dissemination sessions on several fields.



Promimpresa srl is a private company which provides and promotes services for unemployed people, public stakeholders and companies. The corporate headquarter is located in San Cataldo but the company has branches also in Palermo, Gela, Bologna and Mantova. The services provided by Promimpresa include: -Training programmes for unemployed people (i.e. vocational education) - Recruitment (Employment Agency for the activities of Research and Recruitment, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour) - On-line courses (Promimpresa is an e-learning center point of the Telematic University "Pegaso"). 

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